Father of the Bride Speech Presentation Tips

Father of the Bride SpeechWhen it comes to speeches, there are three important aspects that you must focus on: the speech’s preparation, composition and presentation. More precisely, if you are expected to give a father of the bride speech at your daughter’s wedding, you must know that not only the content of the speech is important, but also the way you prepare and deliver this oration. This article presents three essential tips on how to deliver the speech.

On this website you can also find useful tips for preparing and composing the speech, but this article deals only with the presentation tips, that can be used while giving the father of the bride wedding speech. Before going into details about these tips, let me explain you first why the way of delivering the speech is so important. I’m sure you have heard the expression “attitude is everything”, which means that a person’s attitude is more important than his or her competences and sometimes even than that person’s character.

How to Deliver a Great Father of the Bride Speech

This is true even when it comes to bride’s father speeches, because an excellent way of delivering the speech is more important than the oration’s content. This means that if you communicate interesting ideas in the wrong way, your audience won’t appreciate your speech, even if you worked hard to compose it. On the other hand, presenting ordinary ideas in an impeccable way will determine the wedding guests to see your speech as a very interesting one. Continue reading

Preparing your Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

So, your daughter is going to marry soon, you are expected to deliver a speech at her wedding and you have no idea neither what to speak about, nor how to prepare your father of the bride speech. This article will reveal you the most important tips for preparing your oration. But, before going into details about this preparation, let me tell you first something about the context in which you are going to deliver your speech.

First of all, I must tell you that the customs that I will tell you about vary by country and culture. However, in most traditions, the marriage ceremony is followed by the wedding reception (during which the bride’s father speeches must be delivered), which is a private party having the purpose of entertaining the participants to the ceremony. This wedding reception is usually composed of four important parts.

In the first part, the newlyweds (the bride and the groom), sometimes accompanied by their parents, welcome the wedding guests. The second and the third part are the toast and the dining; their order differs depending on the culture and custom. Anyway, you must give your father of bride speech during the wedding toast. The last part of the reception is represented by the dances. During the toast, some participants give speeches, for wishing a happy marriage to the newlyweds. The order of these orations also varies by country and culture, but, according to some customs, the bride’s father is the first to deliver a speech. Continue reading

Wedding Speech Template for the Bride’s Father

Wedding Speech Template for the Bride's FatherAlthough it is not mandatory, it’s recommended that every father of the bride speech to follow a general standard format. Like any literary work, this template consists of three parts: the intro, the content and the ending. This article focuses on presenting the ideas that should be included in each of these three parts of such a wedding speech. In some countries and cultures, the bride’s father must be the first speaker, while according to other customs, the groom’s father should be the first person to deliver an oration.

If someone else introduces you (the previous speaker or the master of ceremony), before beginning your father of the bride wedding speech, you must thank to the person who introduced you, and then wait a few seconds until the participants finish applauding and become attentive to your oration. After that, your can open your oration with an appropriate poem or quote. Alternatively, a good joke may open the intro of your speech. The joke must be chosen with a lot of care, in order to avoid offending anyone.

Inspirational poems and quotes, as well as suitable jokes, can be found in the father of the bride speech examples that are included in the resources on this website. If, according to the tradition in your area, you, as the bride’s father, are considered the host of the wedding, and especially if you are the first speaker at your daughter’s wedding, in the intro of your oration, you should thank to all the guests for coming to this special moment of your daughter’s life. Continue reading